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Attention Real Estate Agents..
Who's cashing in on your database, you or your competition?

  • Protect your hard won contacts from being poached by your competition.
  • Automate your SOI communications to ensure that consistent, quality messaging keeps you top of mind.
  •  Spend your time on high value activities like selling, spend less time on routine and repetitive tasks.

Build a referral and repeat business machine!

Manage your Sphere of Influence like a pro!

Increase your lead conversion by 11X with our 5 pillars of Power Brand.

Without the 5 Pillars, agents convert leads -0.005% with a negative ROI.

power brand

All-in-one real estate marketing solution that drives your marketing and sales needs.


Be the first agent that comes to mind when someone you know is ready to make a move.

Repeat referral business power brand


Stay connected with everyone in your sphere to keep your brand fresh and increase referral business.

Money is in follow up power brand


Simplify your outreach and lead management. Our CRM technology lets you schedule, perform and log your follow up activities in mere seconds.

A powerful marketing platform that helps real estate agents go B.I.G.

Build your Power Brand, Increase Conversion & Grow Sales

Proven method to drive more repeat and referral business so you can spend more time on what you do best - closing deals

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What our Customers have to say:

I had been looking at lead generation companies to find real estate seller leads when I found .... I signed up, and for the first 4 or 5 months I was listing almost one home a month from Listing Grabber. After 6 months I began listing 2 to 3 homes a month.

Ed F.

Since we implemented ... 3 months ago to generate real estate leads, we have already reached $3 million in sales, and in the next 3 months we should have another $3M to $5M of listing inventory coming in. We have been slammed to the point where we are hiring another assistant!

Scott G.

I signed up with IntelliList Pro to get listing 3 months after I got my real estate license. I had just moved to a new state and knew no-one. Within 15 months I had earned $97,775 in commissions directly from

IntelliList Pro seller leads!
Catherine P.